What a gwaan? I am Monique.

I’m a Jamaican citizen living in Japan for over 10 years now. I have been traveling since I was a child but it was always to North American territories. 

I recently started working short contracts for major cruise lines as a Guest Vocalist. This means , I fly into a country for a few days or sometimes one day, hang out, join the ship the following day and then I get to enjoy stopping in all the cities.

This means I have visited some cities more than 30 times!

As a holder of a Jamaican passport or what a few countries have decided to label as non standardized passports, traveling can be pretty difficult. Not only do you get extra checked at every single customs border but we require visas for almost everywhere. 

Not only do I always travel solo but I am also dark skin which means my experiences are never really simple. 

I must say the best experiences I have had traveling so far have been; Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey & Ukraine. 

Even Japan the country I have lived in for 10 years makes re-entering an embarrassing pain each time.

Either way, I love traveling and would like to encourage everyone to ignore the difficulties and see the world. This is the only way we will truly be able to understand each other and in turn treat each other better.

Music Website: www.lovemoniquemusic.com