Australia SOLO 2016

Yes I was so excited to finally be making it to the ‘land down under’! I had heard so much about Australia that I was bubbling with excitement.

I had only 4 days to enjoy as much as I could. I did the online visa application and was granted a tourist visa. It took about 2 weeks. Now although, like Jamaica, Australia is a commonwealth country, that commonwealth free travel doesn’t extend to Jamaican citizens.


Sydney was wonderful. I expected Sydney to be a big busy city that I would get lost in but that wasn’t the case. It was extremely clean, easy to get around, quiet and everyone was super polite. Prior to arriving in Sydney I had real issues getting an Airbnb. I applied to so many but was turned down without reason. Maybe because it was my first Airbnb experience? I am just going to hope that’s what it was . I finally got accepted by a Chinese lady to stay in her beautiful posh apartment in China Town which was in the center of the city. I had the entire apartment to myself. I thought maybe I would make some friends but that didn’t happen. I spent all 4 days in Sydney alone before moving on to Darwin.

My favorite thing about Sydney was food. Everything was so fresh and healthy. I had so many options of eating vegetarian or vegan. I had one very exciting experience in Sydney that I will include in my CocoHime Series. Please signup to get updates on the Cocohime Series.



I am afraid of kangaroos let me just say that! I spent a day in Tasmania and it was an okay place but I found the people to be very stand offish. Our taxi driver told us Tasmania used to be an amazing place for immigrants and they had a great relationship with the Australians but recently a large group of refugee white South Africans had moved in and brought very racist practices with them. I didn’t experience it myself but a quick online search confirmed what I had heard.

We went to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and I would definitely encourage others to visit. Its an amazing place ran by an amazing woman and her son.


OMG I landed in the middle of a freak storm! The aircraft barely landed ! The taxi driver wanted to keep going but I was so scared. Apparently freak storm are the norm in Darwin and everyone thought I was freaking out for no reason. 

The most fascinating thing about Darwin was seeing real life Aborigines! Omg! They were beautiful! I had seen photos of them in books and on TV but seeing them in real life was amazing! They look so different from anyone I had ever seen before. The dark skin with blue undertones , the thick lips and the big bold beautiful eyes. I stared for minutes with my mouth opened!

I only spent a day in Darwin because of the storms. I had to stay inside because most tours were canceled. I missed the crocodile safari tour but next time!

Sydney Opera House was just an okay sight for me and the play I watched was overrated but All in all I would love to go back to Australia. I loved it!