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Visited August 2018 | Solo-Female Traveller

See Ukraine Pt.1 For more about Ukraine.


So I went back to Ukraine a month later but this time to take Classical Voice lessons.

My days were pretty busy but I found time to do more wonderful things. This time around I stayed in Kyiv on Shota Rustavelli street which is a perfect spot for solo female travelers. I also visited Odessa. I still haven’t made it to Lviv but hopefully next time.

Before I continue on with everything I did in Ukraine, I would like to address questions I get asked by my instagram followers and a few of my friends who were shocked that I traveled to Ukraine and even more shocked that I travelled alone. I understand that people from many countries don’t know much about Ukraine and they think it’s Russia. The two countries have shared history and culture however are currently two different countries with separate governments.

I will make my answers well thought out and as straight up as possible.



YES. The parts of Ukraine I traveled to were very safe in my opinion. Odessa and Kyiv were great. I moved around on my own all day and night and had no problems at all. To be fair I stayed in the more metropolitan areas and I mostly used uber but I did walk around a lot as well and had no problems.


This question was the #1 question I got on instagram. Before I respond just let me say that I will always tell the truth even if I have to be very diplomatic about it. I have thought this one through and realized I have nothing to think about . My answer is simple - No I do not think Ukrainians are racist. Well certainly not in racist like the USA or a few other European countries or India (gosh India). Ukrainians are not negative, unfriendly or threatening to people that don’t look like them. They don’t grab their purses when they see a black person near them, they don’t prevent us from entering establishments , they don’t immediately assume that we are drug dealers or prostitutes. They are friendly and if not, then they are accommodating, normal and just highly intelligent people. 

3. What did you eat? I heard Russian food is horrible. 

It’s not Russia but since its all Soviet Union they do share the same cuisine. I haven’t spent enough time in Russia to comment on food quality as yet. The media has been horrible to us for years. Feeding us one sided views about different parts of the world. 

Ukraine has definitely been an amazing place for food for me !! There is so much variety! Every restaurant regardless of its speciality has variety. Soups, soups without cream, dishes with dairy and dishes without. Loads of vegetables and they really know how to make salads. Everything was so fresh!!!

I am not a meat eater and I was perfectly fine eating out at least 3 times a day!

I haven’t been to Italy as yet and I heard the food is amazing! But Ukraine was perfect for me.

If you have any other questions , please leave a comment or email me.

Photo by Ma Gazette

Photo by Ma Gazette


I enjoyed Odessa for one really big reason and thats clubbing. There were clubs that played music other than EDM! Its pretty difficult to party in Kyiv because of the lack of variety in music.

Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine popular for ancient architecture , beaches and delicious seafood from the black sea. Really, the seafood is amazing!

My friend Olga and I got an Airbnb on the main tourist strip called Deribasovskaya Street. The street is great for shopping, hanging out at bars and great for restaurants with outdoor seating. Its a super lively street and people watching is amazing.

As for clubs and partying I tried Park Residence and didn’t like it because everyone was more concerned with how they looked than having fun. There are a strip of clubs on Arcadia Beach and the hiphop club happens to be there. Its about 20 minutes away from the main street so be sure to have enough cash , phone battery and the uber app.


My favorite waiter at Kompot. He was voted the #1 waiter in all of Ukraine.

I wasn’t a fan of the beaches but then again I was born Jamaican. The beach clubs and the food they serve was amazing but make sure to reserve beds way in advance because they get pretty busy.

From the looks of the photos it would seem that all I did was eat but I promise we also partied a lot 😁


Live Shows, outdoor Concerts, Hip restaurants, Georgian food & sunflower fields was how I spent my 3 weeks in Kyiv the second time around. Summertime in Kyiv is all about outdoor restaurants and concerts. If you ever make it to Ukraine make sure to check out Marco Concert. They host garden / outdoor live concerts and I even had the opportunity to perform at one of their concerts. See my Blog Post about my Marco concert appearance.


With the ‘Old Fashion Band at Botanica Jazz hosted by Marco Concert

These are random photos but you must see Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. The entire space is amazing ►❖◀︎


Its just an open space with old style Ukrainian homes but its more for a nice quiet hang out only 30 minutes from the city center. Great for lovers.

You can book a tour via TripAdvisor or take an uber there and hire one of the tour trolleys they have available.

Bring toilet paper!