I managed to visit the infamous Chernobyl. I bought a tour on Trip Advisor and all was smooth with finding the bus and my tour guides but honestly Chernobyl was a bit boring and it was a lot of walking but I am happy I got a chance to say that I went especially since the Chernobyl incident is a huge part of world history.

A few tips, be sure to send your application in way in advance! Your passport and details must be checked before the tour can be confirmed. Wear really thick clothing and lots of big spray! I was wearing cotton leggings and a thick sweater and the mosquitoes still managed to eat straight through my clothing! It was crazy! I left full of bites!!!!

FYI , Radiation ain’t a thing! The radiation levels are really not high in the areas we went to. There are may different tours being offered on TripAdvisor. Choose the one based on the range of experience you want but I went on this TOUR.

The Day

  • Pick up in Kyiv

  • Drive 2 hours to Chernobyl

  • Pass 3 security check points

  • Start the walking tour with your radiation counters

  • Use a traditional Soviet Toilet . IT’S HORRIBLE!

  • Take a break and have a traditional soviet lunch in a cafeteria with soldiers and people living and working in and around the area.

  • More walking and driving to other parts of the area

  • Drive back to Kyiv.

Enjoy the photos below. If you have any questions please message me.